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12 Health Benefits of Swimming

Bragging time: My 6 year old daughter won MVP this year for her swim team. My oldest daughter won for her age group last year. She even scored a Junior Varsity time on her backstroke and went to champs! They get their swimming skills from their mom, of course. She also swam competitively on the same swim team as our girls. Go Tidal Waves! Recently, my wife signed up for a virtual swimming challenge ( of the English Channel. She logs her miles in the app until she completes all 21 miles of the English Channel and earns her epic medal! (Hey, we grownups can't let the kids have ALL the medals and ALL the fun, right?) Anyway, it's been a really fun summer watching all 3 of my girls swim like the fish that they are. Swimming makes them happy, healthy and... hungry! It got me thinking about the benefits of swimming.

Swimming is a great alternative to sweating in the gym and one of the most beneficial aerobic exercises. Health experts encourage swimming exercises as they are suitable for anyone, regardless of age and ability. As a chiropractor, I appreciate swimming because it is a low-impact exercise with very little risk of injury.

Here are 12 benefits of swimming:

  1. Cartilage - reduces impact on joints

  2. Longevity - reduces early death by 50%, according to a study

  3. Muscles - strengthens arms, legs and abdominals

  4. Mind - replaces dead brain cells

  5. Attitude - boosts mental health and mood

  6. Diabetes - maintains proper glucose levels

  7. Waistline - burns 500 calories per hour

  8. Flexibility - keeps muscles limber

  9. Hypertension - keeps blood pressure low

  10. Frame - improves bone health

  11. Asthma - builds lung power

  12. Heart - reduces risk of heart disease

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